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Liam the T’Rex tells the tale of Liam the dinosaur’s first day of school and he is nervous and excited. Sometimes he shows this by jumping up and down, flapping his hands, and squealing loudly. His sister looks out for him because, since he may seem different from the other dinos, some do not know how to react. In fact, some even make fun of him or avoid him.

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With Liam the Autistic T. Rex’s First Day of School© Fowler brings an authentic story of understanding, inclusion, and hope conveying that, while we all have differences, in so many ways we are the same. Fowler expertly addresses autism straight on while threading a universal message of kindness and friendship. With a lesson plan at the back of the book, the story is a valuable resource for preschool and elementary school classrooms and family libraries.

But a young stegosaurus named Stan, who is familiar with the disorder through his autistic cousin Steve, helps Liam find his classroom. Stan explains to the other dinosaurs what it means to be autistic and teaches them that everyone’s differences should be respected. This helps his classmates understand and, after apologizing to Liam for making him feel different, they invite him to sit with them at lunch.

This book is dedicated to our son Liam. His journey with autism has inspired us to learn and grow. We want to thank Lisa Kammeren whose guidance at the beginning of this assisted us to get Liam the help and education he needed. We’d also like to thank Tangey Rains, formally of John S. Charlton School, along with the wonderful staff there. Tangey was Liam’s first teacher and loves him like her own child.

To the Staff at Princeton House Charter School, your dedication and continued support of Liam, and with all children with autism, is amazing.We’d also like to thank our family who has assisted us with care, support and most of all love.

Thank you all!

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