Liam the T. Rex

A heartwarming and educational picture book about autism, inclusion, and acceptance.

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Liam the Autistic T. Rex
Goes to School

It’s Liam the dinosaur’s first day of school and he is nervous and excited. Sometimes he shows this by jumping up and down, flapping his hands, and squealing loudly. His sister looks out for him because, since he may seem different from the other dinos, some do not know how to react.

About The Book

Young readers learn about what autism is and how to show kindness and understanding

The story is a wonderful opportunity for families and educators of young children to invite a dialogue about young classmates, friends, or loved ones who are autistic, how that is exhibited, and how to respond to and celebrate them.

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Liam the T-Rex is a unique tale
that helps educate children about
Autism awareness and acceptance.

Geared towards household and classroom settings, with an included lesson plan.